When I was invited to the festival, they sent a straight photo of this house and its history. They asked if I was interested in this. I looked at the condition of the house and its pbh and I thought that it would be suitable for the concept of painting, to Dmitry Proskin called under the pseudonym Chemis.

He was contacted relatively soon, he also had enough time to wash the idea. It was about two weeks. Then two days for the design, give sketches and then in the city to adjust directly to the needs of the wall, add.

He also incorporated a ragged ze into his painting. I wished she could go straight for a walk. It occurred to me that the facade could peel off and darken. This is a good thing for the house as a protection for a small family who have to raise children in these conditions. The home provides security, and I wanted to illustrate this, explains the artist of Kazakh origin, who often abuses social issues in his work.

D is honored that this dm fit me into the concept, adds. He worked hard for several days and the heat didn’t bother him that much.

I’m used to it, I don’t see a problem in it, I don’t mind. It’s better when it’s hot, not over. And if the creation of a hunter has fun, it doesn’t matter in what conditions. When you get happy, always have fun. It is true that in this case various challenges awaited. I had to set up a facade, cut something off again, I worked with sbjeka. It was nron and morn, but necessary for the result to be as dead. This is the first time I had to modify the painting. It was interesting, but I don’t know if I would like to repeat something like that. Everywhere it was a measure to make it look like I imagined, said Chemis, who first came to Pilsen.

I’ve only been by the wall since Monday, I haven’t seen much. The place where you could create there are clouds here, but specifically about the day, because I did not have time to take a tour of the city. The city festival is definitely well organized, fully without any problems, it is equal on the world level. Order events in different countries, I can also compare, added.

Umn m speak

The Jaten building, which some Plzeans have seen on Dm Horror, will most likely go to the ground in a few years. Back off this stuff entrance circuit.

Not even the fact that the painting on the object does not last long, the artists are at fault. The people told me if it wasn’t a code that I was painting this house for the first time. But I think it makes sense. Umn m speak. If I did it to you somehow, even if she stayed there, the point would be missing. I don’t mind if dm down. Until then, people can look at the painting and think about it. And you can think about the fact that things are fleeting, says Proskin.

He has a number of activities on his account throughout the Czech Republic or abroad, they are hotly debated. That’s your downfall placho of President Masaryk in Olomouc or a picture of a pot that grows a protective circle with a shade on one of the crack facades.

So far, the last work Chemis drew attention to was painting girls under the Ukrainian flag, who protects the Mole, Mickey Mouse, the big Mju and gave the fairy tale characters. The picture can be seen on the house in the crack of Mojmrov street.

When I paint something, I don’t have an eye and I don’t want it to cause any commotion. I just want to come out. For the feedback I am rd. In this case, mainly for those on the part of the Ukrainian public. Go there, take a picture and send the pictures home. Give me a thank you. We managed to raise a quarter of a million to help Ukrainian children who are in the Czech Republic. We made free time circles, where they can go for free, add the artist who started the esk graffiti scene.

I’m used to the fact that street art people often take it as a manifestation of vandalism. Typical are the people who walk around and I like this: I like this, but the boundaries come in, I would break their hands for that. I’ll tell them, but I think St. If there were no borders, there would be no nice pictures. The hunter has to work his way up to them. It is not possible without these boundaries, says Chemis.

In the previous days in Pilsen, another nine artists, not only from the Czech Republic, created another part of the Wallz festival. They collapsed, for example, in one of the swimmers, an underpass or a house in Bokovsk Street.