Artificial road bumps are being installed in Starozhilovo

On August 1, on the section of the Akulovo-Starozhilovo-Pronsk highway in Starozhilovo, the Ryazan brigade of Inline LLC installed speed bumps and artificial unevenness road signs near the pedestrian crossing in front of the Cheryomushki store.

According to the workers, there will be several such artificial road bumps (IDN) in the district center. They are made from a mixture of rubber and plastic. A team of 6 people lowered the stands for signs into the holes dug by the drilling rig and strengthened them with a special solution. And while it was freezing, they installed the IDN.

Foreman Vasily Astakhov:

“First, we drill holes, we insert embedded dowels into them. Then, on a special mastic (we knead it ourselves), we spread the IDN. Then we fix everything with bolts.

We will put up signs and install speed bumps in Starozhilovo in about three days. Our team is now doing the initial work. And if the project provides for L-shaped supports, then we or another team will install them soon. On such supports a road sign is attached above the roadway, video surveillance systems and lighting of the pedestrian crossing.