Favorite actor Arnošt Goldflam (75) went out with the truth. He wants to show everyone that they don’t have to be ashamed of someone suffering from depression, and certainly not when they ask an expert for help. His own mental problems almost ruined his life. He couldn’t get out of bed, saw everything in black, and stagnated at work. As if not only his soul but his whole body had fallen ill. When did he find out he really cared about his life?

The star of the film Heritage or Kurvahošigutntag Arnošt Goldflam he always gives the impression in the public of a cheerful man who enjoys life, is always in a good mood and makes jokes wherever he goes. Few knew that there were severe depressions behind his smiling face. Mental problems even caught him on the bed and he thought his life was over.

“I have not been able to work. Suddenly I had a completely rubberized head, empty with no ideas. I wasn’t able to start doing anything in the morning, “ described the actor for Express actor.

It did not only affect his working life, but above all his private life, when he thought it was his end.

“It simply came to my notice then. I understood that the wounds were the worst, then I tried to survive that day somehow. It started because of my anxious nature. I’ve always been a bit like that, but it wasn’t so acute that I would have to deal with it. I’ve always been anxious. But it turned out to be unsustainable at some point, so I had to seek help. “ revealed Arnošt.

Arnošt came to support his psychiatrist Radkin Honzák at the launch of his new book on depression.

Finally, he sought out a doctor, a respected psychiatrist, Radkin Honzák. What treatment did he have to undergo?

Věra Martinová also struggles with mental problems.

“I got medicine, I also went to therapy. It was probably not so acute at the hospital that I would have to be in the hospital. But it still limited me a lot, “ he added.

Today, he feels better, he has even started directing games and knows how to enjoy the day, but with his story he would like to inspire people who are ashamed of depression and are afraid to see a doctor.