Many fans would like to know and enjoy the origin of their idol, as much as possible, they imagine the spaces where they were formed, especially from their native country in Koreaclarifying this time the accommodation company the availability of the residences of the members of btswith a section rent very soon for fans.

According to the platform airbnbadded that this service has a host of options available to stay in the home country of the members, understanding the locations, the number of rooms, the seasons and days reserved and the service options available, adding exclusively the home of BTS.

To fulfill this dream of meeting and disliking the home of the members, it is stated that the amount of money to be disbursed does not exceed 200 Mexican pesos, this property is the same in which they reflected the second season of their reality show ” In the Soop”. On its official site you can find all the information, details and photos of the house.

According to reports, the house is originally as it was, clarifying the reservations this coming Tuesday, August 2 at 11AM, (9PM Mexico time), with the same rooms and furniture that were presented in the program, the price per night will be approximately 144 pesos (7 dollars).

Reservations will start very soon don’t miss out!