from the festival of lollapalooza, Jimin had the opportunity to visit Chicago To accompany to j-hope at its main event, with the intention of supporting and motivating it during the event, expressing an atmosphere full of emotions and sharing together at all times. However, during his trip an ARMY agreed to call him and this caused a lot of problems.

The harassment in Korea by fans is very common in their native country, to the point of obtaining private information from their artists, the transport list, the telephone number and even getting the address of your home or relatives, something that does not demonstrate security and guarantee of the singers.

Taking into account that each artist carries with him a security team and bodyguards as support, but as revealed by Jimin, I express an episode of harassment, by a group of fans who got his phone number and told them about a request, to such about to make Jimin angry.

This happened during a video that I was making with J-Hope in a live broadcast to celebrate the presentation of Lollapalooza, and although the moment was very good to celebrate, a ARMY got Jimin’s cell phone and they harass him with several calls during that time.

In which Jimin describes the following:

“Do not call me. ARMY, don’t call”

Although there were several calls, the singer did not accept to answer them, and this immediately caused a scandal in social networks, we will probably see more fans, call Jimin from his personal phone and prolong a concern, because they can access his private information.

Below is the video of Jimin and J-Hope in a live broadcast, after receiving the message from an ARMY: