bts Despite their success in the world of music, the group always tends to maintain a considerable distance between their fans, since for their safety they cannot accept any gift sent by them, leaving them only to send personal letters of thanks and presentation events.

Members are always in communication with each other. ARMY, through their social networks, such as on Instagram and the platform weverse, Although according to the number of messages, those people who receive their reply are lucky, but not all of them are answered by idols.

But according to a chat room on the platform, ARMY was lucky enough to get his personal phone number from the band, thanks to various indications from the members, the only time they realized that Jungkook used WhatsApp was not paid attention to and the fans were unaware of that number, but in the application called kakaotalk messaging, fans had the opportunity to speak with him, in a multi-person group chat.

Although several fans take advantage of the moment to interact with the idols, the followers use on that occasion to extract the information and sell it to fans, such as the personal number of their cell phone, but according to close sources, BTS filtered their own number. phone that would be recorded in several places in the world, which is the date of its debut 20-13-06-13.

According to this, several fans have tried to call with the illusion of listening to them, but even if you try to call, the number is a simple reflection titled by them, as a nice detail for ARMY, appearing in their videos and in various audio ringtones for use them as notification tone on your cell phones.