The Armed Forces of Ukraine (APU) are trying to destroy the settlements of Alyoshki and Golaya Pristan in the Kherson region. This was stated by the adviser to the acting head of the region, a representative of the Civic Chamber of Russia Alexander Malkevich.

In an interview with TASS, he noted that Kyiv regularly carries out intense attacks to peaceful cities. According to him, almost the entire civilian population left Alyoshki and Golaya Pristan due to the constant shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As the member of the RF OP explained, the authorities of the Kherson region helped them to evacuate.

“They are hitting Alyoshki, Golaya Pristan, methodically trying to wipe the cities off the face of the earth,” Malkevich pointed out.

In addition, he reacted to the attacks of the Ukrainian military on Kakhovka and Novaya Kakhovka. The adviser to the acting head of the Kherson region emphasized that during the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, important cultural objects, for example, the Legendary Tachanka monument, could be damaged.

Earlier, Malkevich said that the Kyiv regime plans to turn Kherson into a scorched earth by organizing a buffer zone on the right bank of the region.