January 2, 2023, 20:14 – Public News Service – OSN

Representation staff Donetsk People’s Republic the JCCC is spreading information that the militants Kyiv regime carried out an artillery attack on the settlements of Mineralnoye and Gorlovka.

The text of the publication distributed within the framework of the official Telegram channel of the department says that the Nazis inflicted at least 11 blows. Five of them hit Mineralnoye, and six more artillery shells hit Gorlovka.

Recall that an expert in the field of political science Dmitry Rodionov shared his opinion that the Ukrainian government, due to the catastrophic level of mortality among the troops, is starting to use the last reserves.

As part of his communication with the newspaper, he drew attention to the fact that, as part of the next mobilization measures, hundreds of thousands of citizens, including women and minors, are planned to be recruited into the ranks of the military formations of the Kyiv regime. More about it read in material Public News Service.