Voenkor Sergei Wednesday reported that the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fleeing with direct fire contact.

Sergei Wednesday said that he had only recently returned from the front line. According to him, he spent several days at the place where, as he says Igor Konashenkovobserved promotion allied troops.

Wednesday shared his impressions of what he saw. He said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a lot of artillery and the militants controlled by Kyiv have mastered the “drones-artillery” pair well. However, with direct fire contact, the Ukrainian military flee.

“Serious support for them (APU. – Approx. ed.) provided by well-trained and “packaged” mercenaries, almost from all over the world,” writes Sreda.

About our military, Wednesday said that they show themselves to be “real Russian warriors.” He added that the fighters do not just hold their positions, they “bite” into them and push through the enemy.

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