December 14, 2022, 09:01 – Public News Service – OSN

President’s office advisor Ukraine Alexei Arestovich does not understand military affairs. He exclusively expresses his “Wishlist”, said the deputy State Duma Lieutenant General Andrei Gurulev.

A little earlier, Arestovich, in an interview with Dmitry Gordon*, said that in February-March 2023 there would be a turning point in hostilities. This will lead to the end of the conflict with a “victory for Ukraine”.

“No matter what Gordon and Arestovich mumble, they understand military affairs like pigs in oranges, all their statements are just Wishlist,” Gurulev wrote in his Telegram channel.

He stressed that people should not believe the Ukrainian press, because some information was made to deliberately mislead. The deputy noted that Russian intelligence officers clearly define what should be done and how.

Previously, the Public News Service reported that the number accidents grew up in the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is due to the presence of defective shells.

* – an individual or organization recognized in the Russian Federation as foreign agents