Archiethe eldest son of prince harry and Meghan Marklecould be the cause of his parents not attending the coronation of the King Charles IIIwhich will take effect in two months.

The coronation of King Carlos III is destined to take place next May, where he and his wife the queen will be crowned Camila Parker, as the new queen consort. In addition to this being an important milestone for the British crown, for which millions of guests will be present. It will also be the right place for a family reconciliation.

Of course, it will be a good time to once again seek to make family unity a priority in royalty, after the monarch’s youngest eldest son decided to attack his own family in his documentary on Netflixand his autobiographical book, apparently due to quarrels.

And although it has been a mystery to know if the Dukes of Sussex are invited to the coronation, it seems that it is a fact, since the monarch has stated on different occasions that he longs for a reconciliation with his son, and also between the brothers, Prince Harry and the prince william.

But only one fact could prevent the presence of the duke at the coronation, since the same day that the great event will take place, it will be the birthday of Meghan Markle’s eldest son, Archie.

According to close information, the actress has preferred to spend that day celebrating with her son, but what still raises doubts and now much more, is whether Prince Harry will attend or choose to be with his firstborn.