The renowned singer and icon of the urban genre Archangel, has launched a harsh threat to the Puerto Rican ragpicker Anuel AA, after he stated that he and other musicians of the genre “envy” him.

The shameless ego that Anuel AA takes on is once again causing him problems. And it is that his partner Archangel He has not hesitated to send him a clear message to stop saying that both he and other artists “envy him.”

«If you get rough I will disappear from the face of the urban genre. I am not your competition, I am your inspiration, your competition, you can’t even come close to fingernails”, referring to Bad Bunny.

The renowned reggaeton player affirmed that the interpreter of ‘baby girl‘ He is unable to speak well and write correctly, so he ruled out that he is artistically envious.

«Envy you, that you keep saying that they envy you, [email protected]%#… How am I going to envy a person who has no diction, who doesn’t even know how to speak, write less».

The Puerto Rican continued with his brutal attack and left a very direct question to the ex-boyfriend of Carol G.:

What can envy you? Money? Everyone here has money.”

And you, what do you think about the statements he has made? Archangel against anuel aa?