Cancers should prepare for disappointment.

Tarot cards promise Scorpions anxiety and anxiety / photo

On Tuesday, November 22, Aquarius will be lucky enough to enjoy life, but the Gemini will face a decisive battle in which they have a chance to be defeated. What Tarot cards predict for other signs of the zodiac for this day – read below.


November 22 Tarot cards advise Aries not to go astray. Keep going towards your goal, on this day you will be able to get new emotions, they will be pleasant.


Taurus is lucky, in their life a difficult life stage finally ends. November 22 they will enjoy peace. Communicate with relatives, help those who need it.


Tarot cards advise Gemini to prepare for a serious fight. You will have to fight a strong opponent. Of course, there are chances to win, but there is a high probability that everything can end in defeat. Try to think over tactics and fight to the last.


November 22 Cancers are at risk of disappointment. You got a card that symbolizes a gloomy mood. Cancers should spend this day in thought. It’s time to figure out if you’re looking at life the right way.

a lion

Lions should be careful. On November 22, your frivolity will turn into problems. Tarot cards promise Leos difficult choices, and if they make a mistake, they can lose everything they have.


November 22 Virgo should take on a new business and not be afraid to lose. On this day, you have every chance to achieve what you want and even significantly improve your financial situation.


Libra is waiting for a difficult choice to be made, discarding all feelings. Listen to the mind, a sober mind will help you overcome addiction to impulsive actions.


Tarot cards promise Scorpio anxiety and anxiety. However, do not fall into despair, because in fact the situation is not as deplorable as you think.


On November 22, Sagittarians may receive an invitation to a date. Do not be afraid to trust and go headlong into love adventures, you deserve it.


Capricorns are waiting for unprecedented success, you can get a bonus or an opportunity to earn extra money. However, be prepared for a little trouble.


On November 22, Aquarians will enjoy victory and success. On this day, you will bathe in the rays of glory and finally be able to see the results of your work. Enjoy all the surprises of fate.


Pisces will be able to solve old problems, but it will not do without conflicts. Be prepared for the fact that you will have to defend your opinion.

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