Apple will allow EU users to download apps from third-party stores

Apple will allow users from European Union (EU) download applications from third-party sources, not just from the Apple App Store. This is stated in press release companies.

Changes for developers were introduced in iOS 17.4 and are due to the EU Digital Markets Act; they will be adopted by March.

This way, users will be able to install third-party app stores on their devices from their websites. After passing verification from Apple, you can download the necessary software from them, including those that are not presented in the App Store.

The company noted that new opportunities for EU developers inevitably create risks for users and devices that Apple cannot eliminate, but will take all measures to reduce them.

In the end of January European Commission (EC) told about Apple’s proposal to add third-party payment systems to the iPhone. Thus, the corporation approved the appearance of a replacement for Apple Pay on the brand’s smartphones.

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