Apple is preparing to allow European users to download apps on iPhone and iPad not only from the App Store, but also from third-party stores. About this with reference to sources in the American company informs Bloomberg edition.

The reasons. gjpdjkbnm’s decision for some users to download apps from third-party stores is part of a company reorganization needed to comply with the European Union’s Digital Markets Act coming into force in 2024.

Changes will be introduced only for European users. However, if similar laws are adopted in other countries, Apple may “lay the groundwork for other regions.”

Apple software developers are working to open up key elements of the platforms so that customers can download third-party software without using the App Store, according to Bloomberg sources.

What you need to know. The EU Digital Markets Act comes into force this winter, but companies are not required to comply with all rules until 2024.

By law, tech companies must allow the installation of third-party apps and allow users to easily change default settings. The new rules say that third-party developers must have equal access to the core features of apps and services.

The document applies to companies valued at least 75 billion euros (492.6 billion rubles) and which have at least 45 million monthly users in the EU.

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