Jenny along with the other members of BLACKPINK They recently finished their world tour in the United States, although they are already heading to Europe, they are expected to finish their tour in the remaining countries in 2023.

After their concerts, Jenny traveled to Paris with the group to continue with the dates in Europe, and was highly criticized on social networks for the outfits that the artist has used for the presentations.

It is not the first time that the young singer has faced negative comments from netizens, but the clips of Jenny with a top and skirt went viral, with many netizens calling it “too revealing«Despite the criticism, she decided to party.

So far his relationship with taehyung from bts It hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, so there’s also a chance that it was never real, moreover, both of them have been busy in different places for a long time, other than that while she’s visiting Europe, she also decided to celebrate at some kind of club.

Through social networks, videos of Jenny during his stay in Paris. BLINK He came out in defense of the artist in the face of the large amount of criticism for partying during the tour, but what she shows by doing so is that despite having responsibilities in the group, she is free to do what she wants.

Something that surprises, even to BLINK, is that you can see Jenny dancing with a young man, which has given way to speculation, including the break with the artist of BTS, Taehyung, or this would be the definitive proof that there has never been any kind of relationship between them.