Apartments in Moscow have become smaller

Moscow topped the ranking of cities in which the average area of ​​new studios has decreased the most over the past five years. Compared to 2018, it decreased by 33 percent, to 23.6 square meters, reports RBC with reference to the study “Yandex Real estate”.

Also in the top three was Vladivostokwhere the average studio area has been reduced to 26.8 square meters, and Sochi with an indicator of 23.4 “squares”.

At the same time, the average area of ​​new one-room apartment buildings decreased most noticeably in Volgograd, up to 35.1 square meters. Moscow took second place in terms of this indicator (36.6 square meters), and third place went to Orenburg.

In addition, Moscow was in first place in reducing the average area of ​​two-room apartments. Since 2018, this figure has decreased by almost a quarter (24 percent), and now the area of ​​the average two-room apartment in a new building in the capital is 48.3 square meters.

Previously, experts from the company “Avito Real Estate” told about rising prices for small apartments in the capital. By August 2023, prices for one-room apartments in Moscow increased by an average of 23 percent (compared to the same period last year), amounting to 14.5 million rubles. One-room apartments in new buildings have risen in price only by Chelyabinsk And Kirov: by 44 and 31 percent respectively.

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