Apartment owners were urged to urgently replace one interior detail

Apartment owners urgently need to replace or disguise old cast iron heating radiators. Designer Yulia Tychino called for removing the interior detail that stands out from the budget, write “BelNovosti”.

“An outdated heating radiator makes the interior cheaper, even if only the highest quality finishing materials are used in the room and only expensive furniture is present,” the expert believes.

As an alternative, the specialist suggested installing panel steel radiators or an in-floor convector. “If there is no money for a new device, then you can simply “disguise” the old battery,” suggested Tychino.

For this, the designer suggested two ways. The first is to hide the device in a niche. However, this is quite difficult to do, since you will have to provide good ventilation. The second way is to cover the radiator with regular curtains.

Previously Russians called Urgently install a foil screen behind the battery. This device will help retain heat in the apartment and direct the heat inside the room, and not to the outer wall of the building.

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