When a photoshoot of a finished interior is carried out, the photographer is almost always assisted by a stylist – a decor specialist who, unlike the author of the project, can look at the space with fresh eyes and understand how best to unfold furniture, where to put a vase of flowers, etc. It sounds easy, but in fact, this work is serious, it requires knowledge of the design market, a sense of color, an understanding of proportions and how reality and the picture in the photo correlate with each other.

Daria Soboleva is a very successful stylist who works with leading Russian photographers and designers. But until a certain time she lived like a shoemaker without boots – in rented apartments in the city center. “But at some point I realized that I needed more stability and calmness, and decided to move to my own home,” says Daria.

Fortunately, she had somewhere to move: her parents gave her an apartment on Kuusinen Street. This is a wonderful area with lots of greenery and stalinok. “We live right in front of a large park, the windows overlook the square. It seems that you live in the forest,” Sobolev describes the area.

At the time of the repair, she was limited both in time and in the budget, so from the very beginning she decided that she would not undertake serious alterations in the apartment and would limit herself to cosmetic repairs. She was lucky: after the previous renovation, the apartment still had good wooden windows and window sills and marble terrazzo on the kitchen floor. Daria installed new doors, leveled and repainted the walls and ceilings, changed the backsplash in the kitchen, removed the upper cabinets and replaced them with shelves. The window sill is made from the same material as the kitchen countertop and is wide so you can drink coffee or work behind it. The designer helped her with repair work, technical support and architectural supervision Karina Seiful-Mulyukovaand with the color scheme of the apartment – the artist Dmitry Samygin.

Color is the main character in this interior. Each room is made as bright as possible, and not only the walls, but also the ceilings are painted in intense shades. So, the living room turned out to be turquoise as a whole, but part of the wall was terracotta, with a yellow stripe separating it. The kitchen is dusty pink and the bedroom is terracotta again. Bright accents are added to the main colors of the walls and ceilings: for example, the head of the bed, which, by the way, is made for the entire width of a small room, is bright yellow for Daria. Colored textiles, furniture with bright facades, a lot of works of art on each wall (in the hallway, the walls are completely covered with graphics) – this interior could turn into a vinaigrette, and how harmonious it looks says a lot about the professionalism of the hostess.

Another interesting point in the project is the furniture. There are practically no new things here – mostly Soviet or European vintage. The items are unusual, some are collectible, and used in an unusual way: for example, Daria does not have a sofa in her living room, only two vintage armchairs. And she also has interestingly selected lamps in her interior: either collectible or Russian brands. And in the bedroom, for example, there is no ceiling light at all, only table lamps and pendant lamps by the bed – Daria rightly believes that a chandelier is not needed in a small and very intimate room.

What is important: the apartment contains not only valuable, designer items. There are, for example, Ikea cabinets, but repainted and equipped with unusual door handles with semi-precious stones. This mixture of high design and mass market is a guarantee of naturalness and ease that make the interior alive.

Daria is pleased with her interior. “Of course, the apartment is small, and I don’t have enough space – I’m a shopaholic with experience, but I don’t buy clothes, but art objects. But I definitely like to live so brightly: I don’t understand how, in our gloomy weather conditions, you can live in gray walls, ”she sums up. And we support it, especially since bright walls have historically been very popular in Russian interiors.

Photo: Sergey Krasyuk; stylist: Daria Soboleva