The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa He is showing that his physical recovery continues to go from strength to strength. And it is that since she confirmed that she was no longer with Yailin the most viral, if physical appearance has changed remarkably, but for the better.

Anuel’s new life after separating from Yailin the most viral and moving away from the alleged witchcraft that she would be doing to him, they are allowing the ragpicker achieve a new and improved physical condition.

The interpreter of ‘Secret’ He has shown several photographs from his official account of Instagram, where he presumes that he has been gaining weight, which he had drastically lost while he was in romance with the Dominican trapper and influencer.

Several seers had confirmed months ago that the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’ he would be doing witchcraft to the Puerto Rican, in order to take possession of his money and always have him tied to his posts.

However, as we all know, the marriage came to an end faster than we expected. But what has also come fast is the new state of Anuel.

Yes, there was witchcraft or not, the truth is that the urban singer is now recovering his physical condition. And not only that, he has also joined a gym to gain more muscle and stay in shape.

And you, what do you think of the rapid recovery of anuel aa?