The controversial ragpicker puerto rican unleashed numerous ridicules and concerns about his great weight loss, thanks to the recently released photographs of the interpreter.

Anuel AA has caused great concern in his fans thanks to the recently released photographs of the ragpicker. In them, you can see the emaciated physical appearance that he currently has, thanks to the great weight loss that he has suffered in recent months.

Several internatuas and seers have assured for months ago, that the current wife of the ragpicker, also a ragpicker Yailin the most viral, he is doing witchcraft to the Puerto Rican with the sole purpose of keeping all his money.

Several have explained this new physical appearance of Anuel with the alleged witchcraft that Yailin would have done to him, since while the interpreter was the boyfriend of the Colombian reggaeton Carol G. Anuel had a good weight and build.