The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa he would have returned with his ex-girlfriend, the Colombian reggaeton singer Karol vaG, after several news outlets affirmed that the interpreter of ‘provence’ He spent his birthday with the now ex-husband of the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral.

Since Anuel announced his separation with Yailin through a live broadcast made on his official account of Instagram, Social networks have been wondering what have been the reasons for the controversial decision.

However, various media have been able to reveal a clue that even undermines the theory that the Puerto Rican would have returned with Carol g.

The colombian was celebrating his 32nd birthday on February 13. But several media assured that anuel aa He spent that day with her along with other close friends of the reggaeton singer.

A worker from an exclusive hotel was the one who revealed the news. And although it has not yet been confirmed, various media outlets took the task of inquiring a little about what happened.

Meanwhile, the interpreter of ‘Baby’ continues to be the subject of a trend in the main social networks, since its separation with Yailin the most viral continues to leave many doubts without answers. But until now, there is talk of excessive expenses that the trapera would have had and that would have stretched the pocket of the Puerto Rican.