anuel aafamous Puerto Rican singer, has mocked the recent song published by the Colombian Carol G.where he expresses some clear hints to the rapper, after months of ending their relationship.

The relationship between the artists Karol G and Anuel AA, which was applauded by fans as one of the most romantic relationships in recent years, had to have a not very happy ending as they expected. Although the reasons are not well known, the media suggest that it all ended due to infidelity.

Now after several months, the Colombian singer was finally able to let off steam and use infidelity as inspiration to make her collaboration with the Barranquillera possible. Shakirawho would be suffering a very similar situation with his ex-partner Gerard Piqué.

But Anuel AA did not close the possibility of reacting to the new song, and through his social networks he exposed the subject with which he responded mockingly to Karol G.

The song “TQG» which translates «Te Quedo Grande» is the product of the reaction of two women who suffered with their relationship, and in which they enunciate phrases such as: «You left saying that you surpassed me and you got a new girlfriend, what she does not know is that you are still seeing my stories«.

As well as “Tell your new baby that I don’t compete for men, to stop pulling because at least I had you pretty“Referring to the change of image that the singer underwent when he went from Karol’s relationship to that of Yailin.

But the ragpicker did not hide his reaction and through instagram He referred to the subject, and made a debate with which he hoped that his followers would answer the question of why he was considered an unforgettable person.

«Friendly debate: what is the reason that Anuel AA is so unforgettable? The pearl, the tongue, the incredible s*x*, or all of the above«, the followers immediately noticed that it was a hint to the Antioqueña, who after several months still mentions him in her songs.