The popular Puerto Rican trapper anuel aa He has stated in his most recent statement that he has no daughter, something completely contrary to what was stated by Melissa Valencilla, the young woman who had an affair with the controversial interpreter, and who gave birth to a baby who is now six months old.

Although anuel aa married the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral in mid-2022, and that they are also expecting a baby, the Colombian model melissa valencilla gave birth to a girl six months ago, who would be the ragpicker’s daughter and there would even be a DNA test to confirm it.

However, the Puerto Rican interpreter has not recognized his daughter, despite the fact that he had promised to take care of it when he saw the results of the paternity test.

And now, after months of complete silence, anuel has decided to break the silence and spoke about it on the program “Bib Boy TV” about his alleged daughter. What did the trapper say?

Unfortunately, the ragpicker, who in recent years has not achieved massive success as he did in 2018, made it clear that for him there is no such baby next to Melissa Valencilla, since he said the following:

«Five months pregnant, it is my first girl, my son is nine years old. But a girl is a different vibe », nullifying the existence of his 6-month-old daughter.

With this, the interpreter of «Baby», He has again ignored the existence of his six-year-old daughter, despite the fact that he underwent a DNA test to verify that it was his girl.

Social networks have not hesitated to condemn the attitude of the Puerto Rican, calling the ragpicker a coward, a little man, and other nicknames that refer to the abandonment and irresponsibility of his paternity.