The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa He has assured that the young Colombian Melissa Valencilla is lying about the supposed daughter that he does not want to recognize as his. However, the young woman reacted to the ragpicker’s words and stated that he is a “animal”.

The problems for anuel They are still booming, and now the young woman he accused of using it just to get fame has responded and made it clear that he will take action in the face of the irresponsibility of the interpreter of ‘Baby’.

The Puerto Rican ragpicker attacked melissa valencilla in the same live broadcast where he announced his separation from Yailin the most viral.

«I don’t have a damn… to hide. If I have a daughter, I’m going to take care of her and she’s going to live like a queen because daddy is a king. But if you think you’re going to put on a movie, you bastard… to make yourself famous or if the plan was to get millions out of me; If that was the plan, you hit the wall yourself because that shot backfired on you,” said the ragpicker.

But now, the young Colombian has used her social networks to respond to the also “singer”.

“Why don’t you go out and talk about the crap you’ve done and want to come clean with me talking so much lies? Didn’t you know more about me? What backfired on me? The one that will come out is you when I go out to explain the crap that you are. Do not come to give it to yourself as a saint or a good father, piece of… (poop emoji). The one who is still remains still, and you already tempted my mouth»

And you, what do you think of Melissa Valencilla’s statements?