Puerto Rican singer anuel aais in the middle of a controversy after being sued by his ex-wife Astrid Cuevas for aggression. The Puerto Rico police have confirmed the existence of a domestic violence complaint against the Trap singer and is currently in the middle of an investigation.

The complaint was filed after the singer threatened his former partner during a phone call, although the exact details of the incident have not been made public so far, the program “The fat and the skinny» published a part on his social networks in which he reports on the lawsuit for domestic violence against anuel aa.

This, without a doubt, is a difficult moment for anuel, who recently separated from the singer Yailin La Más Viral and with whom she will have a daughter in the coming months. Despite the fact that the allegations are serious, it is expected that the police investigation will investigate the case well and that they will take the necessary measures to protect the well-being of the affected party.

It should be remembered that the artist has already had a prison sentence, on April 3, Anuel AA was arrested along with other people when they were leaving a nightclub in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Three weapons were found in the vehicle, one of them stolen, and 152 ammunition. For this reason, he was sentenced to 30 months in prison for illegal possession of weapons. However, after 10 months he was released for his good conduct.