anuel aa for the first time he refers to his daughter Gianella, and admits what he felt when he was able to see her recently. This tender event occurs after the artist denied that the daughter really belonged to him on previous occasions, since the romance with the mother of the minor was for a fleeting day, according to what he said.

The Puerto Rican has been a trend in recent weeks after his separation with his ex-wife, the renowned singer, became known Yailin the most viralwith whom he had a relationship and marriage of approximately two years, but for unknown reasons they preferred to end.

The ragman became viral news again when the birth of his daughter was known cattleyafruit of his love with Yailin the most viral, the past March 13. Right after her birth, Anuel AA assured that after seeing his newborn daughter, he felt a feeling of fear, and despite criticism from people, he was willing to recognize his other daughter that he had recently with the model. Melissa Vallecillawhom he had not wanted to legally recognize.

This fact came true and was confirmed in a recent interview on the channel Youtube “MoluscoTV”, where the rapper said he knew Gianella: “Today I was with the girl, with Gianella, with my other daughter. She is super beautiful, I loved her, she stole my heart, just like Cattleya«.

His followers, contrary to criticizing him as he argued, applauded his courage and expressed that with this gesture Anuel AA demonstrated what a great father he will be for the two minors.