The controversial and early separation of the Puerto Rican ragpicker anuel aa and the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral, is being massively commented on social networks. And now, the true reasons why both celebrities took a step back in their marriage would have been revealed.

Although many believe that the infidelities that Anuel AA would have committed while married to Yailin were the causes of their divorce, the real reason lies more in the economic actions that the trapper would have done Dominican with the pocket of the Puerto Rican.

As revealed by various media, the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’ he spent more than 400 thousand dollars a month solely for his personal expenses, something that the interpreter of ‘Baby’ would have considered excessive for his pocket.

Oh, God of life! Fortunately, the guardian angel managed to open the eyes of this man. Anuel was under the influence of witchcraft, which is why he almost couldn’t get away from her (…) That relationship has been the worst thing that has happened to him, ”he said. scallop, a renowned seer who also stated that the trapper and the influencer separated before the end of 2022.

Much has been said that Yailin was doing witchcraft to Anuel, And although this could never be confirmed, the Puerto Rican’s annoyance regarding the excessive expenses that the Dominican made were enough for the 20-year-old to finally agree to end their relationship.

However, both are expecting a baby girl, who would be coming into this world in a few weeks, and who could also serve as a great economic entry for Yailin.