The controversial situation that the mother of the eldest son of anuel aasince it ensures that it received a Death threat by the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer.

The child’s mother, Astrid Cuevaspublished a video on networks where the eldest son of Anuel AA appears, promoting his eyelash and nail shop, but that would not be the problem, if not what he was doing with his son, and it is that in the video you can see Astrid putting false eyelashes on her 9-year-old son, followed by this the youngest says the following: «The one that can, can, and the one that does not criticize«.

It is here where the mother of the minor begins to receive harsh criticism from all her followers in the social networks for being so controversial video, and it is that Astrid had not only expected this to happen but also responded to all those who judged her. «Good lashes never hurt anyone. Leave the ‘show’ and enjoy«. And then he posted an image saying the following:

«In the comments I realize that it is the adults who have rotten minds, that adults have unpleasant thoughts and that the best thing in the world to have the announcement of a child«.

Shortly after sharing the clip with her son, Astrid makes a complaint against Anuel AA to the police, assuring that he would have called her to insult her and make serious death threats. And it would not be strange to see this behavior on the part of the reggaeton artist, after surely having seen the video where her son is “homosexualized» for helping with a promotional video for his mom’s business.