The popular Puerto Rican ragpicker is expecting his second baby. However, the girl’s mother will not be his current partner, the also ragpicker Yailin the most viral. Who is it about?

This news was confirmed by the Univision El Gordo y la Flaca, where they assure that he will have a girl, but it will not be with his girl, but with someone else with whom he had an affair months ago.

In advance, they reported that in an investigation of Tanya Charry, “Anuel will have the little baby he wanted so much.” In addition to these statements, they added a message that the future mother of the baby posted on social networks, which said the following:

β€œWaiting for a princess! πŸ’•πŸ‘‘. Counting down the days to finally meet my greatest blessing. God knew what he was doing and he couldn’t have sent you at a better time. My joy every day is to feel your kicks and imagine you in my arms. I love you and I can’t wait to meet you! πŸ’•β€

Despite this, they did not reveal the mother’s name on the program, since for privacy reasons they could not say it on television. But Anuel’s fans and other Internet users would have already discovered who it is.

It is rumored that the mother of Anuel’s baby is Melissa Vallecilla, the Venezuelan who assured months ago that she had had an affair with him. However, as far as she reported, things were not good between the two since shortly after meeting him, she started her relationship with Yailin.

Despite this, he confirmed that they were together, being one of those moments where the woman would have become pregnant.