A strong fight between anuel aa and Yailin the most viral would have been the main reason the ragpicking couple has broken up. At a time when rumors and the media are very aware of all the steps that both stars are taking right now, while they wait for the arrival of their baby Cattleya.

Since the Puerto Rican trapper Anuel AA announced through a live broadcast on his official account on Instagram, who separated from the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral, the social networks they are looking for many answers.

First, they wonder about what would have been the reasons for their separation. And although the media have talked about several, there is one that would have marked the point of difference between the two.

According to several rumors, the couple would have even fallen to blows after a series of discussions, which were based on the alleged infidelities that the interpreter of ‘Alone’ would have committed while he was a partner of the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’.

The Dominican She was already severely mistrusting her husband, until one day she collected different evidence and decided to confront him.

As we all know, Yailin is expecting a baby, but that would not have been an impediment to come to blows and make the ragpicker the 20-year-old girl was also on top of it.

The truth of all this is that Yailin the most viral He is seeing how his illusion is on the ground, his dream of living a life full of luxuries next to anuel aa it’s over. And it has ended in the worst possible way.