The Puerto Rican Trapper Anuel AA, He continues to do his thing to attack the Colombian producer and reggaeton player with hints Feid, who is presumed to be the new couple of the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G, former partner of the trapper. With this, there is talk of a possible revenge that Anuel is currently commenting against his ex-girlfriend.

In recent weeks, the interpreter of ‘Baby’ He has taken to the task of directly attacking his ex-partner and her alleged new boyfriend, Feid.

The Puerto Rican has not measured himself and has even dared to name him in concerts and different publications on your official account Instagram. And his most recent publication is living proof of this.

The trapper has again attacked the producer Colombian, taking a picture with a sign that says “f***k” ferxxo», the nickname by which Feid is also known.

“And this one was dedicated to your boyfriend bb 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚”, reads at the bottom of the publication that includes a photo with a poster insulting the Colombian and a clip with a parody of the subject «Peaches» of Jack Black, for the movie Mario Bros.

Given this, the reactions of the public have not been long in coming, where the vast majority have gone against anuel aa for making these types of posts with the sole purpose of attracting attention. For his part, neither Feid neither Carol G, They have returned to respond to the ragpicker’s attacks, but the fans of both artists expect them to do so at any time.