The renowned singer anuel aa officially gave his statement about the birth of his daughter cattleyafruit of love between him and his wife Yailin.

A few days ago, the Dominican Yailin had been admitted to the hospital in an emergency due to some complications with her pregnancy, for this reason many followers assured that the daughter of the singers had already been born.

Added to the concerns of the couple’s followers, the trapper in their stories on the social network Instagram, He uploaded a photograph where his pregnant belly was not noticeable, which is why the suspicion of the premature birth of cattleya rampantly increased.

In order to calm the concern of millions of fans, anuel aathe father of the minor gave some statements with which the doubts were completely cleared.

«The baby is on the way thank God“, issued the singer, automatically deleting all the false news of the birth of his firstborn.

He further stated: “The most important thing is that he is healthy. Weird and fake news has come out. That she had a premature labor and I didn’t understand that“, making it clear that Yailin She is still carrying on with her pregnancy of up to now seven months, and her days in the hospital were check-ups, but in the end nothing serious, much less the birth.