The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa It continues to give a lot to talk about on social networks, and it is that since he announced his break with the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral, The media are very aware of more details of their separation. However, the interpreter has confirmed something that we have seen in his most recent appearances: she feels very happy.

What Yailin caused Anuel unhappiness in his marriage, It is something that we could not measure because we were not present in their privacy. However, the way that the interpreter of ‘Baby’ he is taking since he confirmed his separation, he has given us the answer that many of us expected.

The Puerto Rican feels very happy, he went to the gym, he is taking care of himself and he is being more careful with the money he earns, since according to various news reports, the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’ it was playing havoc with his pocket.

But that’s not all, since the rag-picker has also rapidly gained weight, something that has left his fans very impressed. They themselves assure that the artist was suffering from witchcraft on the part of Yailin, since the weight loss that he had while they were a couple was cause for concern in the social networks.

Despite the happiness that shows anuel aa also invited us to support Yailin the most viral, since as we all know, soon she will give birth to the baby cattleya, who will be the second official son of the ex-boyfriend of the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G.