The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa he is giving something to talk about again social media, and it is that thanks to a forceful proof that he accidentally left on the official Instagram account of the reggaeton singer Carol G, He has confirmed to us that he is not over his ex-partner despite the fact that he is married and expecting a child with Yailin the most viral.

The new year has started and anuel aa I would not be taking it very well, and it is that the fans of Karol G and other users of social networks are sure that the interpreter of ‘Baby’ he is missing his ex partner.

All this has occurred after the Puerto Rican was discovering reacting to a photo of the interpreter of ‘Provence’, in Instagram, which generated all kinds of comments on social networks.

Seconds after “liking” the photo of the Colombian reggaeton singer, the ragpicker removed his reaction. However, it was already very late and several internatuas they had noticed.

What has most attracted the attention of this is that Anuel already has a life made, he is expecting a baby with the also trapper Yailin the most viral. Something that the networks do not see in a very good way, since it should be focused on his new family and not on his ex-partner.

It is expected that Anuel and Yailin welcome your first baby in a few months. The couple announced their pregnancy very happily, despite some negative criticism they have suffered during their relationship and eventual marriage.

And you, do you want anuel aa come back with Carol G. ?