Puerto Rican trapper and composer anuel aa He is extremely affected after the rejection he would have received from his ex-girlfriend, the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G, who in these moments is more empowered than ever together with your compatriot Shakira, who recently launched the collaboration ‘TQG’.

As reported in rumors, Anuel would have left his wife Yailin the most viral because he would have been unfaithful to him with several women and also because, according to him, he is still in love with “The Bichota”.

There had even been rumors that they had gotten back together, but with the recent release of the issue ‘TQG’, both Colombians make it very clear to us that they no longer want anything with their ex-loves.

This would have made the interpreter of ‘Baby’, that they had high hopes of returning with the interpreter of ‘Provence’. However, now you are suffering the ravages of rejection because it is already too late.

The separation of Anuel with Yailin the most viral, It continues to give a lot to talk about on social networks, mainly due to the fact that they are both expecting a baby, which is expected to arrive in the world in the next few days.

And you, do you think that in the future Carol G. be willing to come back with anuel aa?