The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa would have confirmed that his now ex-wife, the Dominican trapper and influencer Yailin the most viral, Yes, he did witchcraft, as various media and even seers had stated. And it is that the interpreter has shown proof that now without the damage that the 20-year-old did to her, even her physique has changed in record time.

In recent days, the issue of the separation between Anuel and Yailin has caused great controversy in the social networks. Betrayal, financial spending problems and other rumors haunt their breakup and search for the real reason for the culmination of their romance.

However, there is something that has caught the attention of the fans of the interpreter of ‘Secret’, and it is that in recent days, the ragpicker has been gaining weight rapidly.

In case you didn’t know, Anuel had lost a lot of weight while he was in a relationship with the interpreter of ‘Chivirika’, and several seers claimed that she was bewitching him.

With the new photos of Puerto Rican, Several media outlets claim that he would be confirming that Yailin did do witchcraft to her, since since he finished with her he has been recovering his normal weight and looks in better physical condition.

He ragpicker He has also joined a gym, since he himself expressed that he wants to focus on having an athletic and healthier body.

And you, do you also think that Yailin the most viral I was doing witchcraft to anuel aa?