The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa It has been a trend in recent weeks, thanks to his controversial announcement of his separation with the Dominican influencer Yailin the most viral, despite the fact that in a few days the baby they are both waiting for will be born. But what is also being talked about in networks is that the interpreter still loves his former partner, the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G.

The statements of the interpreter of ‘Baby’ shocked thousands of fans around the world. His marriage with Yailin could not last even a year, despite the fact that both are expecting a baby whose name will be Cattleya.

The fans of the Puerto Rican began to wonder about the possible reasons for this unfortunately outcome, but within all the rumors, there is a theory that seems to be very true; Anuel still loves “The Bichota”.

The ragpicker would have attended the birthday of the interpreter of ‘provence’ in Dominican Republic, after a video of the celebration was released where Anuel’s voice was heard in the background.

And although this has not been confirmed, the trapper has been seen very happy in recent days. Since he separated from Yailin, she has gained weight again, she has joined the gym and is taking more care about her figure and the food she eats.

And you, what do you think is the possible relationship that the rumors affirm that he has? anuel aa and Carol G.?