Puerto Rican trapper and composer Anuel AA, has confirmed that he still has a tattoo in honor of his ex-partner, the Colombian reggaeton singer Carol G. This despite the fact that it had been said that the interpreter she had removed all the tattoos alluding to her, so her revelation has impressed several of her fans.

In recent weeks, Anuel has been seen talking a lot about his romance with Karol. She has done it in her concerts and even, he has thrown some hints at the person who is rumored to be the new partner of the Colombian, the reggaeton singer and producer Feid.

And now, in his most recent presentation in Miami, the trapper mentioned in the song «Mcgregor», that he still had Karol’s tattoo on his back; He even threw hints at his ex, calling the women who came to see him “little babies” and “bugs”.

Given this, the critics and teasing towards Anuel they have not been left to wait. Numerous fans of Karol G assure that the interpreter of ‘Baby’ She is only hanging on to the fame of the Colombian to attract attention.

However, there are other people who assure that what is really happening is that anuel aa is “jealous” that Carol quite possibly he has already resumed his sentimental life, at the command of Feid.