It has recently been announced that anuel aa and his ex-wife Yailin the most viralthey would have ended their relationship due to a possible betrayal, among other unknown details.

The couple began their relationship shortly after the Puerto Rican, who will soon be a father, announced his separation with the renowned singer Carol this day for little-known reasons, but which would have similarity in the way the ruptures occurred.

After a few months, Anuel AA and the Dominican Yailin announced that they had carried out their marriage through a civil ceremony. Of which later, the rapper was pregnant with a girl, who would be the second daughter of the rapper.

Anuel, through a video on his social networks, assured that his marriage had ended and that due to “things in life” he was no longer with Yailin, but he did not go into details of why the separation was carried out so soon.

However, a renowned seer known to the world as seer scallop, revealed the reasons that led the couple to end their relationship. The seer affirms that the separation did not occur when the 30-year-old artist announced it, but that they had already been separated several months ago.

I also explain that Anuel AA was subjected to some immoral acts, but that he finally understood. «The guardian angel managed to open the eyes of this man fortunately. Anuel was under the effects of witchcraft, which is why he almost couldn’t get away from her… That relationship has been the worst thing that has happened to him«.

It was also known that the couple signed an act where the secret that Anuel betrayed Yailin would be kept, but apparently due to the complete situation they were experiencing, silence had to be kept.