The Puerto Rican Trapper anuel aa and the Colombian singer and reggaeton player Carol G. they would have returned to their relationship, thanks to a video where the interpreter of ‘provence’ He spent his 32nd birthday with the aforementioned urban artist.

The urban stars Anuel AA and Karol G are being linked again and it is stated that they would have returned to their relationship, thanks to a video that is circulating in social networks and that has more than one impacted.

Since the Puerto Rican ragpicker announced that his marriage to Yailin the most viral came to an end, fans and other followers began to inquire about the possible causes of their breakup.

And in the midst of that investigation, it seems that the answer has come by itself. And it is that they have been talking about anuel He spent February 14 with Karol, the same date that the reggaeton singer’s birthday is.

The incredible thing about all this is that the celebration took place in a hotel in the city of Santo Domingo Dominican Republic and Yailin’s country of birth.

The Colombian spent her birthday with the ragpicker, some relatives and other friends very close to her. Through his official account Instagram, He posted a series of photos celebrating his date, but didn’t post any of the party he threw at the hotel.

In the video, you can hear the voice of Anuel AA, while Carol G. is celebrating with his loved ones and other relatives.