He prince harry and Meghan Markle They are in the eye of the hurricane again, as it is speculated that they could try to monopolize the attention in the coronation of the King Charles III, scheduled for May 6 at Westminster Abbey. The coincidence of dates with the fourth birthday of the Sussexes’ son, Archie, could be an opportunity for the couple to try to outshine the King on his big day, according to the royal columnist lee cohen.

Cohen harshly criticized the prince harry and Meghan, treating them as “terribly selfish” for trying to ruin royal occasions instead of abiding by his secondary role within the British royal family. He also mentioned the case of Lilibet’s public photo during the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubileea photo that became exclusive news worldwide.

Despite the fact that his attendance at the coronation has not yet been confirmed, family tensions between the prince harry and Meghan Markle with British royalty could jeopardize their presence at the event. The memoir and the Netflix documentary have generated a tense atmosphere that is not to the liking of the royal family.

Buckingham hopes that the coronation will take place in an atmosphere of cordiality and harmony, without photos or publications that seek to attract attention. Carlos III’s desire to be with his youngest son is the only reason why the Sussexes would attend the event, so it is expected that they fulfill their secondary role and not try to monopolize the attention of the public present.