Another water treatment plant was built in Skopin

In Skopin, in the Komsomolsky microdistrict, a water treatment plant was built as part of the Clean Water national project. The cost of the project amounted to more than 17 million rubles. 16.5 million allocated by the federal budget, the rest – regional and local. The station provides purification of forty cubic meters of water per hour.

Vladimir Puzatkin, head of the housing and communal services department of the city administration:

“Construction of the facility began in April this year. The station was built by the contracting organization Burvodstroy LLC. We know this contractor well, since last year he already installed and launched two similar water treatment stations in Skopin – on Lenin and Krasnoarmeyskaya streets. In the Komsomolsky microdistrict, all construction and installation work has also been completed.”

The contractor assembled the station building, installed equipment, built a water tower, drilled a well and landscaped the area around the facility. Now they are carrying out commissioning work – they wash the filters, adjust the equipment, check the operation of the pump, raising the water to the level of the terrain. Before putting the station into operation, water tests will be done.

Vladimir Puzatkin noted that the station is automated and does not require human presence. It will be put on the balance sheet of the Skopinsky Water Systems MCP, whose specialists will check the parameters of its work and carry out preventive maintenance once every one or two weeks.