Another Russian city declared a state of emergency due to a hurricane

IN Prokopyevsk a state of emergency has been introduced, the head of the city, Maxim Shkarabeynikov, said in his Telegram-channel.

According to him, wind gusts today reached 34 m/s. Damages in high-voltage networks are now being repaired, and the supply of cold water to consumers is being restored. At the same time, Shkarabeynikov noted that it is “hard to say yet” about the exact timing of water supply.

Previously state of emergency introduced V Novokuznetsk. According to the city mayor Sergei Kuznetsov, first shift classes at schools are canceled, and a decision on the work of the second shift will be made on November 20. In addition, it was decided to suspend the work of kindergartens on Monday.

How reported Leading specialist at the Phobos weather center Evgeniy Tishkovetsa destructive hurricane wind moved from the Siberian region to the east – in particular, to the Baikal region and Yakutia.

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