During the hostilities in Ukraine, Alexander Andreev, a Petersburger, was killed. In 2020, he graduated from school number 368 in the Frunzensky district. The administration of the educational institution told on his page in VKontakte.

During his school years, Andreev was the captain of the volunteer movement “Superheroes-368” and “from the very beginning of the SVO he was eager to defend the Motherland,” they write in the school group. In the summer, the young man went to serve and was enrolled in the 76th Pskov Airborne Division, is reported in the publication. Later, he signed a contact, and in early October he ended up in a combat zone, the post says.

Alexander died on October 18, according to the school administration. On that day, a mortar attack was opened on the observation post where the soldier was located. Andreev was awarded the Order of Courage and buried on the Alley of Heroes of the Babigonsky cemetery, the message says.

What you need to know. This is at least the fourth known case of the death of a Petersburger in the war in Ukraine. Previously there died schoolteacher from St. Petersburg – physical education teacher Vadim Sedov. In addition, in the first week of October near Lisichansk died Andrey Nikiforov, member of the Neva Bar Association of St. Petersburg. Mid November became known about the death in Mariupol of a volunteer from St. Petersburg, who went to fight in March.

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