Certainly the interview Marvel Studios with the co-writer Rhett Reese of dead pool 3I leave a lot to say, since your discussion for the future production of this film, I express that for this project, nothing good would be contributed, because in terms of creativity it would cause no type of impact for the public, besides that there will be no fiction creative for many fans, making it clear that the supervision of Kevin feige it will not be.

Expressing the following:

“Coming back to this franchise is almost like putting on a comfy old sweater, Marvel Studios really gave us the support to maintain the tone and vision that we wanted, as they’ve been very hands-on and understanding, but they’ve also left us absolute freedom to doing what we do, it really has been fun, we are mad scientists who have returned to the laboratory with Deadpool 3”.

“Wade Wilson is our favorite uncle, he will always be the character that I think we are most associated with, we are very grateful for his collaboration, and to be allowed to write him again, it is great to go back to school after having a long summer vacation” .

The Marvel Cinematic Universe will always have a production that must receive creative freedom in the studio, in that sense, the writers of Deadpool 3 can feel lucky that they are not limited to developing this amazing production.

In addition, the committee declared that Deadpool 3 is worthy of celebration and to enjoy this freedom, even if it is a real bombshell, its return will be very surprising.