The renowned and talented actress Angelina Jolieis one of the most famous in the acting world, but is also well known for her charity work and her efforts to improve the quality of life for people who need it most. aid in the world.

It is already normal to hear his name in international news headlines due to his divorce with the prestigious actor Brad Pitthis life has not been very easy after all.

Angelina confessed a few years ago that she wanted be excised the breasts, ovaries and fallopian tubes were surgically removed, the reason for such a far-fetched confession was understandable, since she obtained a mutated gene and did not want to continue passing on this gene evil one to his future generations, this was decided right after he lost his mother, grandmother and aunt.

Recently, the actress revealed other problems again, this time about her mental health, where she recounts that she feels very worried about not being able to do enough to care for the people she loves. She also confessed that at the age of 19 she hired the services of a hit man to kill her own lifebut I end up regretting his idea.

She did this because she thought it was an easier way out of everything that was worrying her, and to not make her feel responsible to any loved one of yours.