The ironic actress Angelina Joliehas impacted his followers with his new image that he has been using to support a curious cause.

For some years now, Angelina Jolie has been linked to causes that add to the protection of the lives of women and minors in different parts of the world, which has made her, in addition to being an excellent actress, a human being. upright, demonstrating their interest in defending the less favored people.

The model that gives life to «maleficent» in the famous film, she is added to a cause with which she seeks to make millions of women feel confident in themselves, demonstrating their personal tastes, especially women of Iranfor which he has protested lately.

Consequently, she made the determination to modify her image without giving much importance to the comments, and cut off a large piece of her hair, as a symbolic way of offering her support to the Iranian female population who fight so hard for their freedom.

The actress of 47 years She is focused on raising her voice for the freedom of expression of these people, and in the same way, she encourages all her followers to join the campaign that she has been leading together with her friends.

In addition, she has encouraged her older daughters to carry out the same action, which, like their mother, they have carried out without any reservations or fear due to their undoubted beauty. The most amazed have been her followers, who in different ways have applauded the amazing work of Angelina Jolie.