The courts and an open conflict with Yuri Shatunov did not prevent Andrei Razin from making a statement about his own role in the life and fate of the singer on the 40th day after his death.

As the producer himself stated in one of his posts, he decided to move to the USA, where he writes the “true story” of “Tender May”. Razin was not at the funeral or at the memorial service on the 40th day since the death of Yuri Shatunov. But from the moment of Yura’s sudden departure from life, he cleaned up all his negative entries addressed to him on his personal pages on social networks and now writes exclusively about his role in Shatunov’s life.

So, on August 1, on the 40th day, Razin reminded his subscribers that it was he who at one time transported the singer to Moscow, after which his life changed dramatically. At the same time, the producer emphasized that it was thanks to him that people would remember Yuri Shatunov for a long time to come.

“I think that Yura was the brightest flash of the Soviet and Russian stage. I am proud that I was directly the author of this project and carried it out as a producer in full. I did my best to make this guy remembered for centuries by people, ”- Razin spoke out, accompanying his post with archival photographs from the christening of Shatunov’s son, Dennis, when the baby was no more than a year old.

Social networks of Andrey Razin

In his publication, the producer closed the comments, allowing only a few close friends to write. Meanwhile, users on the Web leave indignant reviews about Razin, stating that right now he should have been silent rather than talking. Such a sharp reaction is due to the fact that in recent years, Yura Shatunov was most worried about the courts with the ex-producer for the rights to perform his famous hits, and as a result, the artist’s heart could not stand the experience.