The popular American actor Andrew Garfield is in trends within the social networks, and it is that it has begun to affirm that he would be reinterpreting his role as spider man in a new movie. How has this rumor spread?

A few days ago, the first trailer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, where in one scene it has been possible to see an endless number of different versions of the arachnid superhero.

And it has been through this scene that thousands of fans and the media around the world have begun to ensure that thanks to having found the version of Andrew Garfield, he would be appearing in the film.

Like the Spider-Mans from Tom Holland Y Toby Maguire, the rumors that have been given, are indicated that Andrew Garfield would have a cameo in this tape.

The fans assure that in the trailer of the new movie of sony you can see a spider-man with a design very similar to that of Peter 3.

All these rumors have made fans of Andrew Be aware of any update on the new installment of Spider-Man now. Since they firmly want to see the actor playing the superhero again.

And you, do you want to see again Andrew Garfield What spider man?